What Is phpBB?

PhpBB creates bulletin boards, more commonly known nowadays as forums. A forum is a public meeting place for discussion of numerous topics. For more than a decade now phpBB has become the most popular open source forum featuring a user friendly interface and admininstration control panel.

How much will PhpBB cost?

PhpBB is open-source software and can be used and distributed freely under the GPL (“GNU General Public License”). Please be sure to read the phpBB License Agreement before downloading the software.It is maintained and developed by a community of thousands of users and developers.

Do i need a to hire a designer or programmer?

You can attempt to set up phpbb if your prepared for a little bit of reading and possibly some patience. The program comes with many different templates/skins that may be exactly what your looking for without the need for a graphic designer or programmer. For an easy setup we have also added an easy installation guide at the bottom of this page.

Is there support for phpBB?

Product support for phpBB is readily available on phpbb.org. There is detailed documentation, video tutorials, and even a support forum with other users and administrators who are happy to help with any configuration questions you may have.

Modification and styles

There are numerous modifications and styles available which can be used to customise you forum. Check the phpBB website or do a google search including the keywords “phpBB”. There is a large range of resources available on the web.

I want to set up phpbb now! What’s Next?

First you need to register a domain name and sign up for a reliable hosting service.